MKE 17 Hero’s Journey

For a moment I faltered……I thought – I’ll do it a different way, I will do just part of it, it is a lot to do………on and on and on with excuses that the weak make to stay weak.

The Bible says “Let the weak say I am strong” Joel 3:10

I will not give up! I will trust the mentors, I will trust the steps to follow, I will trust and do the work.

I will change my life.


Master Key Experience – week 13

It is hard to explain the MasterKey experience to other people – just as if it would’ve been attempted to be explained to me – before I started with it.

You can’t compare it to any three or four days motivational event because it is NOT a motivational event at all.
It is a “life changing – new habits forming –  hard work every day – tons of knowledge learning” – new way of life.
From the amazing things we are reading to the incredible index cards we are writing and reading – it keeps just getting better!
You are giving it your all and if there is a day or moment when you feel like you are not giving it your all – you feel like the only one you are short changing is your self!
The fact that I get to be a part of this makes me thank God that he showed this to me at all!
You know you can’t explain it to other people because you know they will have to go through it.
To only be part way through and feel this excited – and to be waiting with expectancy of the greater things to come – can only be lived – it can’t be explained.
Marilyn Snyder


MKE – week 11

I have never liked homework. You just did it – got it done and that part felt good.  So it is so surprising to tell you that the work I do every day in this class I LOVE!!

Every scroll I think is great and than when I read this one I felt empowered!!!! I read it with a smile because I know my future……..I SEE IT!!

Just want to say thanks to MKE!


Master Key week 9

scroll II

I greet this day with LOVE in my heart. PLUS the 7 day mental diet of no negative thoughts.

This month has been a huge eye opener for me!  I think of myself as a very positive person and now that I have to be conscious of it I am shocked at the negative thoughts (or tones when talking to my wonderful husband – sorry Dear!) that are constantly creeping in.  I love what I am being made aware of – in areas where I did not think I needed to be made aware!

Thank everyone that is a part of this remarkable journey!

expect the best – this is it! – Week 3

When something looks small but turns out to have a huge effect or you don’t know what to expect so you subconsciously expect not much……and then you are surprised at what they are saying is actually true – a great surprise!

it must be fun for the leaders of this ragtag group to watch them find the treasures that are hidden in plain sight!  It would be like watching a child find something younhid in plain sight – absolutely fun!

cant wait for my treasures to unfold!